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Sweet Orange & Grapefruit Body Scrub

Pre-tan exfoliating body scrub ideal to prepare skin for self tanning. Blended with fragrant natural extracts including Sweet Orange & Grapefruit to refresh, invigorate and banish dull skin.


Sweet Orange & Grapefruit Body Buffer

Pre-Tan Natural Exfoliating Shower Gel

Exfoliating before self tanning is essential to ensure an even, longer-lasting tan. Made using a special blend of the finest ingredients and natural exfoliators including Ground Walnut Husks and infused with sweet orange and grapefruit extracts, For All My Eternity Body Buffer works by gently smoothing your skin's surface whilst invigorating your senses. Our natural Body Buffer exfoliates your skin gently, helping to release dead cell build-up and pore-blocking impurities, giving your skin the perfect preparation it needs for self tanning without stripping natural oils.

For All My Eternity Sweet Orange and Grapefruit Body Buffer has been formulated to work great with all skin types using natural ingredients, and can be used every day on your face and body to help ensure your self tan wears evenly and naturally. Exfoliating prior to self tanning is the perfect way to ensure your self tan lasts longer - by exfoliating thoroughly prior to tanning you are ensuring that the self tanner is going onto a fresh new layer of skin, this means your self tanner will apply more evenly and smoothly. It also helps to ensure that your tan fades evenly too as your skin naturally renews itself.

For All My Eternity Sweet Orange and Grapefruit Body Buffer works great with the entire For All My Eternity self tan range, so why not take advantage of our great Multibuy deals.

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For All My Eternity Body Buffer

  • Works great in conjunction with all of our Self Tanners
  • Your tan will last 30-50% longer because you are tanning new skin, not dead skin 
  • Exfoliating prior to tanning your skin leaving it smooth and polished 
  • Rinses all make-up cleanly away 
  • Scrubs away dirt, oil, & flaky dry or dead skin with its beaded micro-scrubbers 
  • May also help to even out skin tones 
  • Refreshes your senses as you wash with its zesty, invigorating natural fragrance  
  • May reduce skin discolourations 
  • Keeps skin soft - no dehydrating or stripping effects 
  • Cleans the skin, does not clog pores 
  • Leaves skin looking and feeling clean and fresh 
  • 100% Paraben-free 
  • Not tested on animals; no animal-derived ingredients 
  • Eliminates product waste with an easy to use disc dispenser cap  
  • Keeps your existing tan looking even and polished!

Warning: This product contains ground walnut husks, and is therefore not suitable for people with nut allergies.


Choose this product, if you:

  • Want to ensure your skin is prepared for self tanning 
  • Want to achieve an even, longer-lasting tan