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Self Tan Applicator Mitt

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Self Tanning Accessories
Accessories to help you achieve an even, streak-free tan

For All My Eternity offer useful must-have tanning accessories to help make self tanning even easier. We currently offer fake tan applicator mitts and also a self tan back applicator, both designed to help with the easy application of our self tanning products.

Self Tan Applicator Mitt

Our self tan tan mitts are made using a specialist polyurethane foam on the applicator area. This special soft-touch material helps spread the self tanning product evenly onto your skin, letting you blend the product effortlessly, resulting in a streak-free tan time and time again. The tanning mitts come with a handy 100% stretch polyester backing allowing you to place your hand comfortably and securely inside the tanning mitt to maintain complete control of where you're applying the product.

Self Tan Back Applicator

If you have trouble reaching the centre of your back by yourself when applying lotions, then our self tan back applicator is ideal for you. The self tan back applicator lets you apply self tan products to the difficult to reach areas of your back. With the back applicator, you can now reach 100% of your back on your own - without any help. The back applicator lets you easily apply fake tan products to those difficult to reach areas of your back quickly and evenly, ensuring no mess - it's the must-have tanning accessory for all self tanning aficionados.

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These self tan accessories are suitable for use with all self tan products and body lotions.

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We now offer convenient tanning accessories to make applying our range of self tanning products even easier! Add a Tanning Mitt or Back Applicator to your order and enjoy faster, easier applications and longer-lasting tans every time.