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Back Applicator Replacement Pads
Pack of Four

Available in a larger 4-Pack, these foam pad replacements are designed especially for our Back Applicator and are perfect whenever your existing pads need replacing.



4 x Back Applicator Replacement Pads

These pads are designed as direct replacements for your existing pad which comes fitted to the For All My Eternity Back Applicator.

These pads are long-lasting and their life can be maximised by ensuring you wash the pad with warm soapy water after each use. Allow the pad to dry naturally whilst still attached to the brush at room temperature.

To achieve the best results with our back applicator, replace your pad every few months or as required depending on the level of use.

How to Replace Your Back Applicator Pad:

1. Release plastic backing with old pad from the handle

2. Unpeel the old pad from the plastic backing

3. Peel off protective backing from new pad

4. Place the plastic backing in the centre of new pad

5. Fold the wings around the pad

6. Turn pad over, place backing with new pad in handle matching the + and -


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