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Tanning Mousse Gold Edition Multibuy
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2x 200ml Luxury Tanning Mousse with Pomegranate Extract. Premium Tanning Mousse with added antioxidants.


Luxury Tanning Mousse Gold Edition Multibuy Offer

Buy two bottles of Gold Edition tanning mousse and save!

Gold Edition Tanning Mousse - a more refined and luxurious version of our original Tanning Mousse formula that quickly became our best-selling product and scored rave reviews and 5-star ratings from the beauty industry - now has no added fragrance and comes loaded with even more anti-oxidants and new natural anti-ageing ingredients to offer an even more luxurious and longer-lasting tanning experience than ever before.

For All My Eternity Gold Edition Tanning Mousse has been developed and tested by top industry professionals to achieve self tan perfection. Featuring a carefully selected blend of anti-ageing ingredients, natural antioxidants, moisturisers and EHA - a natural agent that tans a deeper layer of the skin for a more realistic and longer-lasting tan that fades evenly - our new premium Gold Edition self tanning mousse works with all skin tones to deliver an instant, flawless, natural looking tan that now lasts even longer and cares even more for your skin.

Tanning Mousse Gold Edition is one of the easiest to apply self tan products on the market - especially when applied with a Self Tanning Mitt - gliding on effortlessly without any rubbing or streaking to match your natural skin tones, absorbing instantly to the touch, and is perfect for both expert tanners and those who are trying out self-tanning for their first-time.

Developed as an all-natural luxury self tanning product that is paraben-free and has no added fragrance, we use a blend of the finest natural ingredients and antioxidants to create the ultimate self tanning mousse that uniquely works with all skin tones, making Tanning Mousse Gold Edition the only self tanning product you will ever need.

Try our Gold Edition Tanning Mousse today for the most luxurious and longest-lasting tan you'll ever experience from a bottle!

Get Our Tanning Mitt & Make Applying The Mousse a Breeze!

For All My Eternity Tanning Mousse Gold Edition

  • Gives you an instant, streak-free and non-sticky golden tan that can last up to 7 days
  • Dries to the touch almost immediately as it is applied to the skin
  • This professional tanning formula is developed using a blend of natural ingredients and antioxidants
  • Compliments your existing tan by deepening and evening out your skin tones
  • Contains a guide colour, which shows you where you have applied the self tan
  • Not tested on animals; no animal-derived ingredients
  • Paraben-free and fragrance-free