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Luxury Natural Paraben-Free Self Tan Lotion
For All My Eternity luxurious easy to apply natural self tanning lotions

For All My Eternity Self Tan Lotion formulas have been critically acclaimed by many of the UK’s top beauty editors for giving the most natural-looking self tan. Our award-winning self tan formulas are made using only the very finest ingredients to give you a natural glow whilst caring for your skin. The result is a self tan that uniquely works with your individual skin tones to give you a colour similar to how you would naturally tan in the sun. For All My Eternity Self Tan Lotions are non-sticky, non-greasy, and fast-drying, allowing you to get dressed almost instantly after applying the product. Many of our customers and beauty editors also report that there is no smell, or minimal smell, whilst the tan is developing. Try our luxurious natural self tan lotions and achieve a convincing natural colour that lasts up to 7 days per application which fades gently and evenly without any tell-tale patches.

For All My Eternity Self Tan Lotions are formulated in a variety of shades to suit different skin tones. Our range has been designed to give you that natural sun-kissed look all year round.

Quick Reference Product Guide:

Natural 10 comes as a white creamy lotion loaded with the finest natural ingredients, and is designed to work with your own skin tones to deliver a gorgeous sun-kissed look every time whilst caring for your skin in 10 ways. Easy to use, minimal smell, long-lasting, and a convincing natural colour.

Tan & Tone is a luxury lotion with added moisturisers and plant extracts to help tan and tone the skin. This lotion is great for a slightly deeper tan that goes on just as easily as our other self tan lotions, looks totally natural and lasts up to 7 days per application.

Gradual 10 is an all-natural luxury everyday moisturiser with a hint of self tan. Suitable for face and body, simply swathe yourself in this luxurious lotion everyday for soft, subtle, sun-kissed radiance or to enhance and extend your existing tan.

All our products are paraben-free.