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Luxury Natural Self Tans - Light Shade
For All My Eternity - Light Self Tan Products

The above products are perfect for achieving a lighter shade of natural-looking tan. These products will give just a hint of colour without developing too dark on your skin. Easy to apply both by hand or with a mitt, your tan will develop gradually in depth and shade over 4-6 hours without streaking.

For All My Eternity light self tan products have been formulated with a lower amount of tanning agent to deliver a natural hint of colour without developing too dark, similar to the colour you would achieve from spending an afternoon in the sun. Our lighter self tan lotions work in harmony with your natural skin tones allowing you to build up the colour, making these the perfect self tan products to start off with if you are new to self tanning or simply have concerns about your tan going too dark too soon.

Apply one layer of our self tan and watch a gentle but natural colour develop over 4-6 hours, if you want a darker tan simply re-apply 24 hours later to deepen the shade. For All My Eternity Light Self Tan Lotions are also very popular due to their ease of application - the lotions go on the skin like a rich creamy moisturiser or body lotion and sit on the skin, allowing you plenty of time to rub the lotion in evenly ensuring zero streaks every time. Once absorbed, your skin will become dry to the touch almost immediately, allowing you to get dressed striaght away, and due to our unique natural formulations you'll experience none of the normal stickiness you get from many other self tanners on the market. Lots of customers also comment that there's little or even no tell-tale self tan smell with our self tanning lotions - another great benefit of our natural products. Our formulas have also achieved many 10/10 reviews and 5-star ratings by national beauty editors, giving you added confidence you will enjoy using our product range.

Try For All My Eternity Light Self Tanners today - the ultimate in luxury natural self tanning.

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For All My Eternity offers a wide range of luxury natural self tans. From light fake tan lotions to dark spray tan solutions, we're confident we have a product which is perfect for your skin tones. If the above products aren't quite what you were searching for, please view our entire range by clicking the above link.