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Luxury Natural Self Tans - Medium Shade
For All My Eternity - Medium Self Tanning Products

The For All My Eternity Medium Self Tanning products displayed above have been specially formulated to give you a totally natural-looking medium shade of tan. These products give you total control of your colour, delivering an authentic-looking tan from just one application. If you would prefer a darker shade, you can deepen your tan further by applying a second layer 24 hours later.

For All My Eternity Medium Self Tan products are some of our most popular tanning products, this is because we use natural ingredients and fine tune our self tanners to give the most natural-looking results possible. Our self tan products uniquely work with your own skin tones to help deliver a similar colour to what you would naturally tan in the sun, this helps to ensure your tan looks completely authentic and genuine every time. Our medium self tan products are also easy to apply, especially when applied using our Tanning Mitt. The products will glide effortlessly over the skin upon application, blending evenly to give an instant tan with zero streaks. For All My Eternity medium self tans are also popular because of the length of time each application lasts. When applied onto freshly exfoliated skin, a single application can last up to 7-10 days before beginning to fade evenly as the skin naturally renews itself. Many customers however also choose to top their tans up after 7 days with a further application, or by applying a layer of our popular Gradual 10 Tan Extender Lotion to help keep the tan locked in and skin hydrated and moisturised.

The formulas created by For All My Eternity and used in their luxury natural self tan products are top-rated and loved by beauty editors and customers alike. Many of the formulas you see above have received 5-star ratings and 10/10 reviews in the national press, meaning you can be sure your tan will apply easily, last longer, and look completely genuine.

Choose your favourite natural tan from medium self tan lotions, medium self tan mousse, medium self tan sprays, depending on your preferred application method and achieve a natural-looking deep authentic tan today.

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For All My Eternity offer a wide range of award-winning self formulations, if you haven't found the self tan product you were searching for above, please take time to view our entire self tan range by clicking the above link.