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Non-Tinted Self Tans

The products found above are free from instant guide colour. This means they do not have a tint and instead go on the skin as a white creamy lotion that gently and quickly absorbs into the skin, similar to a normal moisturiser. The colour will not appear instantly like it does with a tinted self tan, instead it will develop on the skin gently over several hours.

Many people prefer a self tan without an instant guide colour, some choose this type of self tan if they have lighter skin tones, whilst others may be new to self tanning and wishing to try a tan that is more subtle. 

For All My Eternity are pleased to offer a range of market-leading self tan products without instant guide colour that are as easy to apply as your regular moisturiser, rubbing effortlessly into the skin and developing into a natural looking colour that will last for 7-10 days per application and fade evenly, just like a real tan.