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TS10 Entry-Level Spray Tan Machine

With a FREE 250ml Spray Tan


TS10 Machine and Tanning Tent Package

With a FREE 250ml Spray Tan


Spray Tanning Tent

Professional Specification


Spray Tan Sticky Feet

50 Pairs (100 Feet)


Professional Spray Tan Machines
Airbrush Spray Tanning Machines for salons and mobile therapists

For All My Eternity offers the highest-quality in UK-manufactured spray tan machines, designed for professional use by salons and mobile spray tan technicians alike.

We offer a range of spray tan machines that are suited for different levels of use - from the entry level TS10 spray tan machine which is perfect for those who are just starting out in the spray tanning industry and looking for a high-quality machine on a budget, through to one of the industry's most popular HVLP machines, the TS50 professional specification spray tan machine. The TS50 is the long-awaited replacement machine to the HV5008 model and is newly improved, featuring the sought-after professional-spec Helia gun - perfect for the busier salon and mobile technicians who require a machine that offers more flexibility, perfect results, and can be run for longer periods of time without any stoppages.

Due to our partnerships and buying power we are pleased to be able to offer you these top quality, highly popular spray tan machines at some of the most competitive prices on the web. All our spray tan equipment is supplied brand new under warranty with full and comprehensive instructions to help ensure you get the very best out of your new machine. These are the most popular and highly-respected models of spray tan machine currently available for sale in the UK and both models are already in use by a large amount of salons and spray tan technicians.

We have a large number of happy customers who rely on these machines every day within their business, so we are confident that you will also be highly impressed by the results these machines offer. We also include a comprehensive 6-month warranty on both the TS10 and TS50 spray tanning machines as standard.

Why not buy a litre of For All My Eternity spray tan solution for use with your machine here:

Purchase 1 Litre Spray Tan Solutions For Use With Your Machine Here

For All My Eternity HVLP Spray Tanning Equipment is perfect for mobile tanning technicians, salons and home-use. We offer a range of professional spray tan machines - all at leading prices to help you get started with professional spray tanning without breaking the bank!