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The Best Body Butter - For All My Eternity

What makes the best body butter? We believe the best body butter is created from using natural ingredients, vibrant essential oils to give that best natural fragrance, and the best natural shea butter and cocoa butter to make a lavishly thick and creamy butter that feels amazing on the skin every time it’s applied.

They are many body butters on the market to choose from, however we believe once you’ve tried For All My Eternity Body Butters you’ll never want to use another body butter again. Our best body butters are lovingly created using only the best and finest ingredients to create a really thick and creamy body butter that offers unrivalled rehydration and moisturisation of the skin.

Our best body butters are available in two fragrances – Exotic Coconut Body Butter and Sweet Satsuma Body Butter – one to whisk your senses away to a relaxing tropical island, the other to revitalise and awaken your senses, perfect when you need a pick me up.

Try our best-selling body butters today and experience for yourself why we feel these are the best body butters money can buy! Click on the body butters below to learn more.

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The Best Barrier Cream for Self Tan

For All My Eternity Body Butters are also perfect as barrier creams prior to self tanning. By using a barrier cream on harder skinned areas (such as elbows, ankles, knees, feet, etc.) you will ensure that those areas will not absorb too much of the tanning agent (otherwise meaning those areas could tan darker than the rest of your body and look uneven). This helps ensure your tan will remain even when it has fully developed.

For All My Eternity Body Butter starts at just £12.99/250g jar.